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Thread: Racing own ghost car and hot lap leaderboards

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    Racing own ghost car and hot lap leaderboards

    I absolutely love PC3. Played PC1 and PC2 with wheel and Oculus but after having kids my racing has become much more of a pick up and play experience in short bursts. I now play exclusively on a controller and really like the way the cars handle. It's almost the perfect racing game for me. The one main thing that I would love to see is the addition of hot lapping against your own and others' ghosts. Is this something that may be added in future?

    I often go back to Grid Autosport for this very fact but I really prefer the handling model in PC3.

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    The PS3 is a better option than PS2 or PS1 because it can run those games that could not run on the PS1, and it will give you more fun when you play games such as Clash of Clans.

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    Have you tried the Rivals events?
    There you race against ghosts from the leaderboard

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