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Thread: Newbie to PC2 needs your advice

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    Thank you very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpcdem View Post
    About this, automatic or manual transmission makes very little difference regarding to lap times, if any at all. Just use what you are more comfortable with or you prefer more.
    Thank you very much for the input.
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    To improve your level the best option IMO is the time trial mode.

    You can load other driver's ghost cars and compite against them. That helps you improve because you can see turns you can made faster or breaking points you can delay.
    You should start with ghost 2" faster than your best and when you catch him move to other faster ghost.

    Edit: If I'm right, in Playstation I think there is not ghost per car, I think it's only by class...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JVagiar View Post

    I own a PlayStation 5 and my only driving experience in gaming is with so-called "arcade" games like Gran Turismo Sport and the like.

    I wanted to try a more realistic racing game and several days ago, I found PC2 Deluxe Edition on sale for $14 on the Playstation store and I installed the game on my PS5. I do not own (nor have enough place for it) a set of wheel and pedal, so I only play with the PS5 controller. With the default controller settings of PC2, I was unable to properly handle any car, but after some Google search I have found some controller settings that work great for me and now driving feels very easy and natural, a real breeze. Even so, I brutally finished last place even in the first race of the UK Kart Championship and the Ginetta Junior of the Career mode In spite of the difficulty, PC2 already feels like a more interesting and fun game than the arcade games I already own.

    Right now I feel quite lost, so, where should I start or do to get better at PC2? Should I start my PC2 journey while playing with automatic gear until I get used to the game or should I start right away with manual transmission? Can you be competitive, even against the AI with automatic transmission?

    As a total newbie to the genre, how should I set the difficulty/realism settings?

    Thank you very much
    I've been playing on Xbox and PC for a while but stopped and recently picked it back up on Xbox.

    I still feel like a newbie

    The game comes alive when you understand the tuning and live track mechanics, the Yorkie 65 YouTube channel have a great in depth tutorial playlist that walk you through every nuances of the game. Search YouTube Yorkie 65 project cars 2.

    However these can be heavy for newcomers, so I recommend you start a career journey and choose any of the lowest tier disciplines as these use cars that are easiest to handel without any tuning.

    These early championships helped me have a fun experience and get used to the physics and mechanics.

    The next essential tip is to understand tires temps and pressure. Each car discipline has an optimal range. Get this right or wrong will make or break the game for you.

    Once you are familiar with the fundamentals the game opens up more as you learn the track and the cars some are easier to tame than others.

    Now lastly you goal now is to learn how to tune a car to get the fastest lap times and how hand the amazing dynamic weather conditions. The tune engineer is great for pointing you in the right direction.

    Online dynamic weather is rare so no need to worry about it that much when playing online. Once you find a discipline, GT3s are the most popular, have learnt a few tracks and have a basic understanding of tuning, you'll be ready to compete and have fun online.

    If you're planning to invest a lot of time learning the game, learn it with a wheel setup, it's more rewarding and fun. I have a logitect G920 but I recommend PS version only if your on a budget. If not I highly recommend any belt driven wheel like the ie thrustmaster or fanetic. I've read and seen reviews and believe the belt drive wheel motor are smoother and more closer to realism and produces more ffb than Logitech gear system wheel motors. If money is no problem get a direct drive motor.

    There's alot of info here and on YouTube

    Good luck and have fun
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