I need help.

I don't want to just dumb down the AI, but I can't match them in the GT3 Vantage in career mode.

It's been fine until now, in the GT3 World championship, when the car just doesn't steer.

I've been trying Ghost setups from the time trials to no avail.
Standard Stable washed out at the front everywhere (so far Spa in the dry and Road America in the wet)

I have followed advice from all over the web and I just can't seem to get any front grip. It just understeers everywhere.

Trying to change the rear just leads to 4 wheel drifts off into the undergrowth.

I've started from the Stable setup at both tracks. As there is no weight transfer or front downforce to change, I've tried softening front springs and ARB, more Toe out and less tyre pressure.

At the moment it's an understeering pig. What should a front-engined car do to get more front grip (not less- this isn't a balance issue, it's a grip issue).

Please help, this is miserable.