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Thread: Is it just me who finds Pcars 3 Career excessively troublesome?

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    Is it just me who finds Pcars 3 Career excessively troublesome?

    Been making a solid attempt to cherish this game as was anticipating it so much, adoring the possibility of no refueling breaks and so on. I have no genuine protest about the designs which to me is pretty good...other than the odd white plasticky stuff that shows up toward the end or no difference either way.

    What I'm finding however is Career is excessively troublesome, even with AI trouble at Easy and Low....even beginning at the center. A portion of the AI simply dashes by on straights like on steroids notwithstanding me at max speed with a high detail vehicle moved up as far as possible. Same in Private races against AI. Something simply appears to be off-base and it's detracting from the satisfaction in the game. Well, I don't ming a touch of challenge however does it need to be so troublesome? Accomplishing the targets is turning into an aggravation in the a..s. Furthermore, don't discuss Hot Laps. Ruler amighty. Accomplishing a portion of them's close to incomprehensible. How much restarts I've done or it is ludicrous to need to do.

    So contemplating whether it's just me or then again if any other person is finding Career excessively troublesome or potentially even Private or different occasions.

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    This title is a mixture of non-serious simulation aspects and full simulation aspects. For example, modifying cars does require some thinking and trial & error. If the tier you are in has a lot of small tracks with no real long straights, upgrading to a turbo that only gives you power in the upper RPM band likely will not help you at that stage. Instead, making the car lighter with better tires would be a better option for those tracks.

    There are titles out there where you upgrade one thing, and everything on the car gets better. That's not PC3 and is part of the frustration that some run into... It does require either experimenting with upgrades and/or having some knowledge around how certain upgrades effect the cars.

    That being said, some of the challenges require really good car choice and upgrade selections to pass. You will not be able to just pass any challenge with any tier car. There are some tiers where a certain car, no matter what upgrades, will just not complete all of the challenges. Also, some of the challenges require some alien driving. You will also see the AI does vary per tier.
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