Hi all, still loving my favorite racing game. Still racing online with a Tuesday group, and my son now and again. I have just started formula A in career mode, and hit a brick wall.. I am used to running AI at 100%, but not in this class. Doing Red Bull ring at 1.18, with the odd 1.17.9. I have to run higher 1.18's to maintain any consistancy. I was not using DRS as i wanted to learn car and track first. Now go to DRS and Kers, and no improvement in time. Kers shows it is going down on the scale, but others are blasting by at 75% AI. Has anyone had problems with the Formula A in career mode? Any help would be appreciated. I have watched some video's on it, Florida Life was good, and i am running similar lines, same or slightly higher corner speed thru corner, but still much slower. I am an older fart, but still do track days, and used to run a formula car back in the day, so i do understand the basics of racing.
Is there a way to skip this section and move on to a different class and put fun back into Career Mode? I use Playstation 4 system, Logitech G29, and a full homemade wood rig with a 55 in tv, if that makes any difference. Thanks, Peter