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Thread: Logitech G29 Calibrating Issue

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    Exclamation Logitech G29 Calibrating Issue


    I have a Logitech G 29 Driving Force and during use, I lost the force feedback in the steering wheel.
    After that, I restarted everything including the computer but without success.
    After some measuring I found that the power supply was broken, infact we had 24 v from it but during start up of the wheel, It was going down to 0 volts.

    I have changed it to a new one so the power is now working fine, but during start up, the wheel wonít calibrate correctly.
    It starts to move fully to one side but wonít turn and move back.
    In fact it presses so hard that we see smoke coming from the mainboard after 0,5 sec.

    I have loosen the small board at the end of the motor to look for dirt but there was nothing.

    Would really appreciate some good ideas how to come further in this matter


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    Throw it in the trash and purchase Thrustmaster or Fanatec.
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    I had this same issue with my G27,as well as it showed as Logitec drving force wheel rather than a g27(in the logitech profiler),this was because of the windows 10 update,installing the software actually didnt help me. Maybe you can find some videos on Youtube.

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