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Thread: Low framerate no matter what I do

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    Low framerate no matter what I do

    Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
    G.Skill 32 GB 3600 MHz Cl14 dual-rank DDR4
    Windows 10

    My framerates are lower than they should be. Way lower. My GPU usage is not going above 48% and my CPU usage not above 21%...even with just medium-ish graphics and 0 AI, I can barely crack 100 fps at 2560 x 1440. Normally, I get around 130 fps with everything on ultra + around 20 A.I...

    Is this some sort of recent driver bug? I'm using the most current GeForce drivers, v512.95

    I set rendered frames back to 2 from 1, did the same in the Nvidia control panel. Set power management mode to optimal power from prefer max performance. Played with in-game graphics settings. Ran the game with "disable fullscreen optimizations" and compatibility mode set to Windows 8. Nothing has made any difference. CPU and especially GPU usage remain incredibly low.

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    there was a driver release yesterday (516.40), so try them and if they don't help, try rolling the drivers back and see if that does.

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    I re-installed Windows and framerates are back to normal using the same driver as previous (v512.95): around 330 fps alone and around 170 fps at the start on a grid of 26 cars in the rain and then up to around 220 fps by the time they all reach turn 1. I couldn't even crack 80 fps in the rain with 26 cars before.

    No idea if I just had to reinstall my the GPU driver (just installed it a few days ago, and I always use DDU to uninstall the previous) or if it was something messed in Windows itself but everything's back to normal.

    What's really weird is that I'm pretty sure all other games were fine.
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