Hi, I'm seraching help because I can't play the game at all with my CSL DD (no matter if I use the F1 2021 formula wheel or the CSL P1 V2).

Even in comp mode (CSW 2.5 or CSW 2) the game still doesn't feel any turning input.
(tried with the fanatec 429 driver and with the lastest 443 beta driver)

It feel the whell, the buttons on the wheel, the paddles, but when I turn the wheel the game sees no imput at all: that means tha it doesn't see the DD base.
Obviously fi you try to remap the axis you fail beacuse the game do not register any turnig input, as well.

I don't know if there is a way to solve this via steam controller option or in some other way, but just turn the base in compatibility mode doesn't work for me.
(in PC mode the gam doesn't register any input at all from the base or the steering wheel).

Game totally and litterally unplayable, to me...

Do you have some advices?