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Thread: Ingame VR supersampling not working

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    Question Ingame VR supersampling not working

    Hey I just bought PC2 and im loving it! The only problem is the in-game VR SS slider has no effect in terms of increasing load or frame time for both CPU and GPU as well as there is no difference in game picture quality. I have resorted to using the steam vr ss slider which works amazing except its quite taxing on the gpu and id rather use the in-game ss if at all possible. My computer specs are

    Cpu: ryzen 5 5600x
    gpu: rtx 3070 oc
    headset: hp wmr

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    When I got vr all the advice I read was to use the steam super sampling setting in preference to the in game setting.
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    In game VR SS doesn't work with SteamVR headsets, it only worked with Oculus headset. That's why.
    What line?
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