I've read a previous thread about a G920 not working and deleting the profile folder contents, but that's not helped me.

I have been using a G920 with PC2 for ages, and all has been fine. Last week after a setup change, all of a sudden the pedal inputs don't work.

I accelerate and the symptoms are like low-fuel stuttering, yet there's enough for 5 laps in there, then the brakes come on and lock up.

When I get to T1 and brake, the brakes go on and then off then lock up.

I have recalibrated several times, unplugged the wheel and tried different track/car and setup combinations, to no avail.

I have deleted the controller profile and even when restarting the game and recalibrating, it still happens.

I have tried AC and ACC and no problems with the wheel.

Can anyone suggest what to do?