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Thread: EA cancels the Project Cars series

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    EA cancels the Project Cars series

    Why am I not surprised by this?

    "EA cancels the Project Cars series

    Slightly Mad Studios' Project Cars is no more, it has been revealed, with EA confirming its decision to "stop further development and investment" in the racing series.

    The news was revealed by our partner site, and it sees an end to a series that debuted in 2015 - though one whose roots go back much further as a crowdfunded project brought to life by its community.

    Bandai Namco went on to publish the first three games in the series, with Project Cars 3 releasing in 2020 - several months after EA had acquired Slightly Mad Studios as part of its takeover of Codemasters.

    EA provided a statement to going into detail on its decision, and what's next for those who were working on the series:

    "Today we announced internally an update to our racing portfolio. Following an evaluation of the next Project CARS title and its longer-term growth potential, we have made the decision to stop further development and investment for the franchise.

    "Decisions like these are very hard, but allow us to prioritise our focus in areas where we believe we have the strongest opportunity to create experiences that fans will love. We are focusing on our strengths in our racing portfolio, particularly licensed IP and open-world experiences, and expanding our franchises to be more socially-led with long-term live services that will engage global communities.

    "We are working with everyone impacted by this decision to place them into suitable roles across our EA Sports and racing portfolio, as well as other parts of EA, wherever we can. Our priority now is on providing as much support as possible to our people through this transition."

    Slightly Mad Studios had 150 employees at the time of EA's acquisition, reports. Ian Bell, who founded the studio in 2009, left the company late last year."
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    Infuriated to say the least. And whoever recommends AMS2, I'm not interested in the slightest after giving it chance after chance after every update.
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    I'd certainly recommend AMS2, I've had a lot of enjoyment from it and there's new stuff coming all the time. Plays great on the Steam Deck too.
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    Sad EA killed a good franchise. Makes me wonder if PCars3 outstanding unpopularity was a factor.
    Unfortunately, eventually the franchise lost its following and Pcars3 failed to boost it in a spectacular way. Even this forum, it's not super active. It used to be but that was years ago. In Pcars2 era this place was buzzing. Years after PC2 release the game was played and discussed here. Then PCARS3 came and the following started to gradually dissappear.

    Anyway, I think AMS2 is a great alternative. By now, imo, it's better than PCARS2 is. Recent updates made the game epic. And ofcourse there's the very excellent ACC albeit limited in car series which it the point of the sim anyway.. Sim community lost a devoloper studio and there's not many of them around. RIP Pcars
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