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Thread: Anyone try Windows auto-HDR with PC2?

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    Question Anyone try Windows auto-HDR with PC2?

    I’ve heard the windows 11 auto-HDR feature works pretty good, but have not tried it myself since I use an older version of windows 10 (for reasons). Now that there will not be a PC4, I am wondering if I should upgrade my windows to give the auto HDR a chance to improve PC2’s visuals. I always thought it could use some HDR, especially the those dull tail lights!

    Please post your impressions if anyone has tried it with PC2, thanks.

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    I have only done HDR is AMS2 and on W10. It looks better than with no HDR. I am not sure if this is helpfull since it:s a different game but we all know the two have some similarities.
    Also, although it's not Win11 I'd suspect 11 should be even better.
    I haven't upgraded because I've heard about FPS drops in Win11. Some say there's no problem with 11 i just don't want to fix what's not broken.
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