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Thread: xbox x game frozen

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    xbox x game frozen

    My game froze up on XBOX X. Ive restarted several times and its stuck on 25% loaded.

    Im scared to uninstall and reinstall. Since they stopped selling/supporting the game, am I even ABLE to reinstall?? Also, can I keep my career progress?

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    You shouldn't have any issue re-downloading owned content and at this point I'm not sure what choice you'd have as you've already done hard resets (although I've occasionally been able to launch other games and come back to whatever's giving me problems). As for your career, the XBox version was famous for deleted careers, unfortunately, so yours may be gone. Or maybe not, you won't know until you get it back.

    These guys had some really good XBox tips and such. good group, really, most have moved on unfortunately.

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