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Thread: Fanatac Pedals Not Working

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    Fanatac Pedals Not Working


    Newbie to PC2 on the PC, used for years on the PS but have upgraded to a sim rig.

    Fanatec inverted pedals not working with PC2, works with all my other games? Assetto, F1 etc.

    Steering wheel works.

    Have has Fanatec check and they have confirmed all is working from their end.

    Tried what i believe to be everything but will not work!

    What am i missing

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    Have you got a CSW 2.5 base out of interest? If so, then I know quite a few people (myself included) have had similar problems. Try setting the wheelbase as a CSW 2.0 and then try assigning the pedals and calibrating them. It's what worked for me.
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